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this sentiment just fits in Deadwood

I have had enough of this. I thought God wasn't suppose to give you more than you can handle.

What the fuck are you talking about????   It was a fucking pin.  I can't like anything because your paranoid ass is always going to read something into it???  This is getting so fucking old!!!  If he's disappeared on you again it has nothing to do with me!!!!  And no one is trying to bother you.  What the fuck is wrong with you???

I'm about to the point of: THIS IS WHERE THE COWBOY RIDES AWAY. There comes a point where the excuses need to stop, and people accept responsibility for their own actions. You don't hand someone a knife then ask why they're bleeding.

LOLL deciding whether to go to grad school...mehhh Uni has degraded my stress a little much, we'll see!

My life story. What if she was just waiting for me to fight harder? But what if not? I can feel it.

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I hate it when you make me look like an idiot.said the brain to the heart

Yup sure enough iaint stupid i got eyes i can see and hear whats going on why the fuck do i allow myself to be put through all the B.S. and the lies and deciet. So whats the fuckin point to any of it???

We don't celebrate christmas as we are not christian and we are not materialistic. So right about this time every year I get fed up with people, traffic and christmas music.