NOTE: Double Bail How-To; Stops Pendant from Flipping Around Love My Art Jewelry: Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants - tutorial to help keep pendants from turning around

Collage pendant slides glass, bezels, frames, chains

collage pendants - Gillian Allen, UK Lots more of these and instructions at this site !

Then she made...: Custom Jewelry

Hope Tree Pendant (not available) use for inspiration to make a polymer clay necklace


Patina White: keeping history alive Charmed necklace: skeleton key, old parking token, & metal heart ~ "Imagine New Things" by Beth Schaleben

Silver Clay pendant by Gordon K. Uyehara. *He has such a nice sense of design and texture.*

Silver Clay Pendant by ©Gordon Uyehara His work is so detailed and well done. Gordon is a metal clay hero!

Joy Kruse (Wild Prairie Silver)  |  Labradorite Necklace.  "I named this necklace “Near The Bridge” for a sweet spot we have here by the river where I live. I love this piece. The pendant swings on the bar it is on like a hinge. The chain is entirely handmade and hammered".

Labradorite Necklace

Labradorite Necklace « I have no idea what this is, but it sure is interesting.

Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants

Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants (Love My Art Jewelry)

stunning pendant by Wendy Walsh, Elegant lines.

Jls: very cool affect from draw plate - - stunning pendant by Wendy Walsh, Elegant lines.

Sea Glass Jewelry Necklace

Teal sea glass necklace Hello, Welcome ! English sea glass necklace is made from a large genuine piece of sea pottery in a beautiful deep Teal