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Back In the Day: brother & sister Joie and Spike Lee

Back In the Day: brother & sister Joie and Spike Lee. I fondly recall this cover. In fact, one of my first Nationally known poems "Art Groupie In Exile" was published in this very same issue.

Spike Lee: Do The Right Thing | AMMO Books |

Spike Lee: Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee - undoubtedly on the set of "Do the Right Thing." Great flick. Great, serious look at what seems to be a permanent and unchanging reality.

Spike Lee in the director’s chair, Brooklyn, to revisit Roger Ebert’s powerful essay on DO THE RIGHT THING.

Brooklyn Neighborhoods Poster | StyleCaster

Great Gift Idea: A Sleek Poster of Brooklyn and Every One Of Its Neighborhoods

Do the Right Thing (1989); dir. Spike Lee By quello-nello-specchio

Might be my fav Spike Lee film? Do the Right Thing, 1989 (dir. Spike Lee) By quello-nello-specchio

I love how u can see the other boroughs too   typography map of brooklyn

Brooklyn Neighborhood Type Map by James McDonald “Designed over several months the map represents all of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, parts of the remaining 4 Boroughs of NYC and a small part of New.