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The Glaucus atlanticus is a planktonic animal that belongs to the oceanic group known as Nudibranches.

Glaucus atlanticus (sea swallow, blue glaucus, blue sea slug, blue ocean slug and "Glucose Fish"). This beautiful creature has got too many names!

blue dragon nudibranch

The Sea Slug Forum - Glaucus atlanticus. Locality: Minnie Waters main beach North end near headland. East of Grafton, on shore, NSW Australia, Pacific, 21 December sandy beach onshore winds. Length: to Photographer: Fiona Ross.

The Glaucus atlanticus sea slug

The Glaucus atlanticus sea slug

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nanocubism: “ 6 mosses you should have in your tank. ” Christmas Moss is another one of my favs.

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The appearance of the Bulb Anemone can vary greatly from one individual to the next, depending on water and lighting conditions. Under intense lighting, the tentacles will develop defined bulbs at the tips. The Bulb Anemone is usually found in coral rubble, or in crevices within coral reefs. Its pedal disc is usually attached deep within dead coral, from which it stretches its tentacles to become sweeper tentacles when hungry. That is, the tentacles become elongated to capture food from the…

Bulb Anemone: Often appear in a variety of morphs, including rose, orange, red…

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Beautiful Picture Wave in Costa Rica

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Image of Glaucus atlanticus.  This would make an awesome tattoo.

a blue nudibranch (sea slug). These tiny invertebrates are also known to eat the Portuguese man o war.

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A baby elephant in her mother's womb - The Meta Picture

A baby elephant in her mother’s womb

Amazing pictures of animals inside womb taken using a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras.

Credit: Joel Sartore/National Geographic Stock/Caters <strong>Damaraland mole rats </strong> <br/> <br/>Identifying with them is the whole point of these portraits, which do invite human comparisons. However, the reverse invitation also applies. With fascination and humility, they remind us how many feelings, instincts, postures and even facial expressions we regard as typically human are actually typically animal. →

Them and us: endangered animals - in pictures

Damaraland mole rats (Cryptomys damarensis) at the Houston Zoo. Photograph by Joel Sartore