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The Baltic Sea Anomaly - 2014, 14,000 Year Fossilized UFO/USO crash site, Shag Harbour Incident, Stunning Discoveries | Beyond Science

The Baltic Sea Anomaly - Year Fossilized UFO/USO crash site, Shag Harbour Incident, Stunning Discoveries

COVERT SCIENCE-People—as well as cows, goats and the occasional horse—had vanished inexplicably near Belize City, S. Am. for 20 years. Convinced a monster lived in the lagoon, the locals asked Acapulco engineer Carlos Masin to help prove it. Masin criss-crossed the lagoon with wires & electrified it for 5 minutes, after which hundreds of fish—and this unbelievable thing rose to the surface, not quite dead. Its carcass has been on display in Mexico City since 1993."We close our…

Mother of snakes!

GIANT SNAKE KILLED - Snake killed 320 tourist & 125 Egyptians Egyptians-this looks like a snake on a toy truck, even the man looks like a toy soldier. Most likely fake but it's still creepy to think about.

In 6 Days, Thank you  Father in heaven for everything you have done.

Galaxy NGC 4594 ( a. The Sombrero Galaxy) at approximately 26 million light years from Earth, in the constellation Virgo, it is considered a "nearby" galaxy.

Funny pictures about Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch. Oh, and cool pics about Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch. Also, Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch photos.

Never tell me sky is the limit When there are footprints on the moon.

♥ the sky is far from the limit When there are footprints on moon وقتی جا پای انسان بر ماه نقش بسته است، دیگر از محدودیت سخن مگویید

earth at night. God said it was good.

Earth at Night

IRAN / Can you find Persian Gulf and Caspian sea and IRAN in these views? /Earth at Night

Bu gün Hindistanın en büyük bayramlarından biri olan Divali. Bu bayram, ışık festivali olarak da bilinir. Geceleri yakılan sayısız yağ kandili Rama’nın sürgünden evine dönüşünü canlandırır. Bu festival, Bombay’da Laksmi’ye ve Kalküta’da Kali’ye adanmıştır.  Tamamı beş gün süren bu bayramın birinci günü yeni iş yılı döneminin başlangıcıdır. İkinci gün Krishna’ya, üçüncü gün Şiva’ya, dördüncü gün ise arkadaşça görünen fakat şeytani bir güç olan Bali’ye adanmıştır. .....

Earth Pictures ‏ NASA released a satellite image of India from the evening of the festive holiday of Diwali, the celebration of lights

Nebula Galore

Nebula Galore