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Love it

Love it

Knotting Stretch Magic - I need to know this because most of the little girl jewelry I make utilizes stretch and I do it different every time to try out new techniques! .

"Jewelry Making for Beginners: 11 Beginner Jewelry Projects" eBook

Knotting Stretch Magic Simple square knot, then Apply a drop of Hypo Tube Cement to the knot and let dry completely to secure the knot.

DIY Shoebox Pizza Oven

Cardboard Box Pizza Oven (Shoe Box Crafts) Oh this has PERFECT written all over it. look at this wonderful shoebox craft! How easily it has been converted into a fun fun fun DIY Pizza Oven for the…

Hacer pompones

Yarn Tassel Ornaments Wrap yarn around cardboard (ours was 3 inches high) at least 10 times. Loop yarn for hanger under top strands; Tie yarn around tassel near the top; trim ends evenly.

Picture of Movable record player greeting card from a floppy disk

Movable Record Player Greeting Card From a Floppy Disk

This week's How-To Tuesday project is a movable record player greeting card made from an upcycled floppy disk. I volunteer weekly at the .

Chalkboard Fonts (scheduled via

We Lived Happily Ever After: The Very Best 16 Free Chalk Fonts ~~ free fonts w/ links} with sketch font