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I love licking every last bit of mixture!

Farewell letter from

I loved it when my mother would hand me one of these to lick! My granddaughter loves to lick the beater!

Like a private juke box with music at every booth

Table Jukebox - You chose the tune and put a coin in to hear it. They were at each table in a restaurant/diner. There used to be a restaurant in simcoe that had these.

Vintage Kitsch Hair Clips. I fell off my chair from the cuteness

vintage barrettes - sweet - reminds me of my childhood. they don't hold hair for shit but they are really cute.

I remember when you could lick the beaters, and we never freaked out or got sick because there were raw eggs in the batter.

When we weren't scared to eat raw eggs in the batter. I remember waiting with my brother to lick the beaters when my Mom made cakes! We ate raw biscuit dough too.

Retro Futurism - The Jetsons book

Retro Futurism

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.

Friendship pins! Tried to start this back up with my daughter....she didn't think it was cool :(

Used to do this all the time: Friendship pins on your tennis shoe laces.

Idle Hands: Ladies and Gentlemen....Underoos Have Returned

Wonder Woman Underoos- I had the Wonder Woman Set and my sister Becky had Bat Girl

Cinnamon & Sugar toast. Mom brought this to me every morning with Hot cocoa to enjoy while getting ready for school.

cinnamon sugar toast - I made a healthy version this morning by substituting applesauce for butter or margarine, and it tastes fantastic!

on hot summer Sunday's in the delta region of west Tennessee you could find my Momma cranking out the best black walnut ice cream you ever ate in your entire life... it seemed like it took way too long and too short a time to eat...

Real Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream made in an old hand-cranked maker. We still make homemade, but use a motorized maker. Such a treat!

Old School

Old broken cassette. Image of music, pencil - 23214900

So sad that cursiv letters are no longer being taught in schools.  I believe that many beautiful love letters were written back in the day when people actually "wrote".

Cursive writing ~Old School.Loved learning to write cursive. My second grade teacher taught this. I still take pride in my writing.

remember when.....books had pages & you understood the basics of Dewey decimal?

My 5 year old son had this in his library book.some dates from

A weekly (um, thus the name) highlight of elementary school was exploring the Weekly Reader. We also ordered books through Weekly Reader and Scholastic and anxiously awaited their delivery. I remember once mistakenly ordering Misty of Chincoteague (I was not into horses at all) and feeling crestfallen when it arrived, but I read it of course (I mean, it was a book after all), and thereby fell in love with all the Marguerite Henry books.

Weekly Reader - current events all through grade school. My favorite thing about elementary school!

Before computers...It was kinda fun going through the card catalog to find your book. And then you got to to see who else had checked it out by the lending card affixed on the inside cover.

library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age I loved the Dewey decimal system and considered becoming a librarian when in the grade!

Old ice tray.

Ice trays I remember well.stuck to my hand & was hard to get ice out.