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TIPS FOR SHAVING YOUR BIKINI AREA 1. Use a SINGLE blade razor, or double blade if you can't find singles. Less blades cause less irritation. 2. Shave in different directions- left, right, down, whatever, but NEVER go against the direction of hair growth. Instant razor burn. Eeek! 3. Apply baby powder afterwards to prevent moisture and friction from causing razor bumps. 4. If you do get razor bumps, use Desitin diaper rash cream. It sounds crazy, but it works.

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18 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Eyeliner - Forget wings: Sometimes you just need help drawing a straight line. | Liked by - – Wholesale Women's Clothes,Online Catalog,Ladies Clothing,Wholesale Women's Wear & Accessories. LOWEST PRICES ONLINE @

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