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Teacher Tipster (Pizza Pages) - YouTube---extra work-- The kids practice old worksheets and put a P on the top. I pick a random page and grade it each month. A perfect grade means that student gets to pick their surprise prize!

Teacher Tipster (Pizza Pages) - The last thing you need in class is "down time". Students without a task do nothing, but get into trouble. See this tip to see how you can combat "down time" in a fun way

Teacher Tipster: The Baby is Sleeping! A fun and silly way to remind kids to whisper

this guy is awesome - if my kids were a bit younger I'd do this!

Teacher Tipster (Magic Trash)

Smith uses the Magic Trash game to help keep his room neat and tidy. Thanks Teacher Tipster!

Teacher Tipster (Pencil Cups) I totally use this in the art room!

great ideas and one of the funniest teachers ever

Do you have learning centers in your room?  How do you manage the rotation of your students through the centers?  Here's a quick and easy way to move every kid to a new corner in less than 2 seconds.  Head to www.teachertipster.com for more tips like this one.

Teacher Tipster (Learning Center Wheel) Turn the "lazy susan" when you need to change groups.

Teacher Tipster (Tiny Lists) - such a good tip....I really like this guy

Type a class list using tiny font. Copy and paste multiple times on one sheet of paper, print out, and have handy for any time class list is needed (see who returned field trip forms, fire drill, etc.

Teacher Tipster (Hallway Song) - YouTube

Teacher Tipster (Hallway Song This guy kills me! Love the original Hallway Song too.

Teacher Tipster (Lunch Sticks) - YouTube--even shows who's absent without asking.

Teacher Tipster (Lunch Sticks) - YouTube--even shows who's absent without asking.

Teacher Tipster (Naming Your Tables)  in first grade I used colors to name the rows after that I went with a theme of the year such as grains in 3rd grade, animals in 4th and trees in 5th...

Got loud students? Here's a fun way to control the volume level in your classroom. Just use a baby doll! For more tips like this head to www.

Inchworm Behavior Game from Teacher Tipster.com   I like this alot! I can use my sidekick Hiroshi (The hippo puppet) which the kiddos expect to see at each lesson!

Teacher Tipster (Inchworm Behavior Game) Another tool in the old belt!

Teacher Tipster (Chart Folders). Genius idea for students who finish early...could use for individualized seatwork too

Teacher Tipster (Chart Folders) - For Early FInishers. Absolutely love this idea!

Tips for Building a Positive Classroom Culture - Adventures of a Schoolmarm

Tips for Building a Positive Classroom Culture

Teacher Tipster (Silly-Brations) - This guy is absolutely hysterical! Silly-Brations for acknowledging student accomplishments.

Teacher Tipster (Fake Phone Call). Calling the Jonas Brothers for "Billy's great test"... so so awesome!!

fake phone call student motivator - so fun!

Teacher Tipster (Hallway Song 2)

Teacher Tipster (Hallway Song 2)

Here's a different way to call on kids to answer questions in your class. Use a deck of playing cards! You can also use em' to organize the students into gro...

Cool way to choose kids--this guy is like a ninja-master teacher!

Teacher Tipster (Fries Prize)

Here's a fun way to motivate good behavior in your class. All you need is an empty french fries container, some cheap prizes and a tissue.