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Kids' Artwork Gift Wrap

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Kid's Artwork Gift Wrap: Children's drawings make for inexpensive & delightful homemade gift wrap. Have kids doodle on Kraft paper, calendar pages, shopping bags, magazine pages, & phone book pages.

Those Tiny Toes : Twelve 12 Days of Christmas Ideas

12 days of Christmas: Acts of kindness: bring treats to work, donate food, tape coins to vending machines, buy something for someone in need. Little Lucy Lu: 12 Days of Christmas {Kindness}

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Monday Made It-March

Money Gift Bag : A hit at every party! My friend showed me this gift giving idea two years ago, and now it's expec.

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Gift bags made from newspaper?Nah I don't care about making the gift bag but you might and that is cool. I will buy some colored bags, but I like the doily idea on top. Cute treat bags or holiday gift bags.

Favors with fabric yo-yo flowers.

Do guests a favor and present them with a small gift planted inside these petite flower-topped boxes. Wrap each small box with a belt of layered ribbons or a strip of woven fabric, and cap it off with a single fabric blossom.

Mother's Day Gifts Non-Traditional Style. Look at these non-traditional gifts like giving back to the Earth, crafts, shopping ideas and more! #MothersDay #gifts #ideas

Mother's Day Gifts Non-Traditional Style -

Gift Wrapping Idea * For giving potted plants, wrap in brown craft paper, tie with a bow, that simple. Love this example of a branch used like a garden marker in the plant as it's gift tag. * from tinywhitedaisies

Dress up presents with candy-colored gift wrap

12 Homemade Christmas Decorations