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Takin! These animals live in Tibet and China and grow up to 1.4 meters tall. The Takin is Bhutan's national animal and is likely to have inspired the golden fleece from Greek mythology's Jason & the Argonauts. Sichuan Takin - Endangered Animal - Vulnerable #sichuan #takin #animal #googlephotos #endangeredspecies #7ss…

Throughout the year my students have really strengthened their writing. Their ideas are growing by leaps and bounds, and their grammar, stru...

I was somewhere between 9 - 11 when the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. Oh, I was screaming as if I just saw a giant redneck in my front yard! (Well, I'm not afraid of bugs or spiders!) I'm not even afraid of Rednecks! God loves all creatures, large and small.

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