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Pentagon Says Protests Are Acts Of 'Low Level Terrorism'

All Crash  http://www.youtube.com/user/NewAirplaneCrashes

Is it possible that a plane hit the side of the pentagon, but did not even scuff up the grass? There are some claims of other anomalies that don't quite match the idea of a plane hitting there;

1926 Tudor Revival - Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan - OldHouses.com

1926 Tudor Revival in Rochester, Michigan

9/11/2001 A firefighter arriving looks up at the daunting task he is required to participate in , the heavy firefighting equipment alone that needed hauled up the 110 floors of the building he was assigned to attend at, would exhaust this extremely fit firefighter and most went up but never had the opportunity to come down so bravely continued fighting the flames until crushed to death as the tower collapsed

~ WORLD TRADE CENTER. This photo is of my friend's father-in-law looking up at the towers. Sadly, he was one of the firemen lost in this horrible attack on America.

1755 Georgian Colonial photo

1755 Georgian Colonial photo

American military cemetery memorial World War II- Cambridge, via Flickr.

American military cemetery memorial World War II- Cambridge, via Flickr.

ACLU v. Clapper - Challenge to NSA Mass Call-Tracking Program | American Civil Liberties Union

National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.

Beware Bad Gun Stores

7 States Where Gun Sales Are Surging Since the Sandy Hook School Shootings