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Katana or nihonto (Japanese name of samurai sword), is known throughout the world for its beauty and sharpness. You can see the artistically decorated scabbard, and also the wave pattern of the blade called hamon, which are the characteristics of katana.

Image detail for -10th century Viking or Norman ceremonial battle axe

The battle axe we are selling is possibly copied from a "royal" viking axe. It is a ceremonial axe with raised relief decoration of a

Beautifully sculpted sword. The hilt has a male and female fairy holding hands around a mushroom. Pommel has a mushroom with flowers around it's base. Gemstone between fairies. Basr price includes gemstone.

Just incase i need to defend my family and my food,weapons. I wouldn't use it but just to intimidate them if they pose danger. Also Gun fire is rather loud and attracts to much attention.

Naruto Ninja Kunai Dagger Weapons Shuriken Cosplay Set

Naruto Ninja Kunai Dagger Weapons Shuriken Cosplay Set Naruto - history of an andolescent ninja looking for recognition and aspiring to become the ninja le

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