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Mandate Direct Action to Cultural Campus Resource Centers in Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention

from One of the major flaws with the law of attraction. You do not attract everything to you!

21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor

21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor | Mary DeMuthMary DeMuth

Not all wounds are visible.

Sobering statistic. But the worst part is when the rape victim is not believed, and instead is victimized all over again by those she thought she could trust.

End rape culture. It is your responsibility NOT to hurt someone. It is not their responsibility to convince you to pick another victim.

What The Hell Is Wrong With Gay Marriage?

Marriage is not necessarily a religious union -- it's a civil one and marrying any adult who agrees is a civil right.

"It's not consent if you make me afraid to say no." Powerful Message. NO MEANS NO!

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