KC Chiefs. This is cool, but would be better if the Vikings!! -Hailey

I can just watch this guy all day and my life becomes magical. |.............But I still hate the crap out of Stanford.

<p>They weren’t kidding when they called it March Madness.</p> <p>My loft in downtown Kansas City happens to be just a few blocks away from the center where the Big XII men’s basketball tournament took place last week. And all week long, you could hear the cheers floating through the air and see people proudly repping their team’s jerseys all over town. It was pretty fun!</p> <p>That said, I’ll be the first to admit that watching sports has never really been my thing. But I am a happy…

Bulgari Introduces An Octo Chronograph Watch - by Patrick Kansa - On aBlogtoWatch.com "In the run-up to BaselWorld, Bulgari has released some information on their newest watch, the Octo Chrono... an octagon, a representative combination of a square and circle (and, if you follow their hyperbolic press release, it symbolizes the combination of Italian design and Swiss precision). While the design is sure to garner attention, that's not the main thing that makes this watch interesting to…

Cant believe i got into this bracket crap just to bond with a male. and i cant believe im already down one!

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