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Learn what causes anxiety disorders. Heredity, brain chemistry, personality and life experiences discussed as anxiety disorder causes.

CBT can be applied and adapted to treat many specific mental disorders. CBT helps an individual focus on his or her current problems and how to solve them. Both patient and therapist need to be actively involved in this process. The patient learns how to identify distorted or unhelpful thinking patterns, recognize and change inaccurate beliefs, and change behaviors accordingly. Article post by ~ Dr. Neal Houston, Sociologist (Mental Health & Life Wellness) EDUCATION & AWARENESS

14 Amazing Apps For Anyone Living With Anxiety http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariannarebolini/amazing-apps-for-anyone-living-with-anxiety?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpgp#4ldqpgp

This website has helpful information on how to change the way you think in social situations. Scroll down to the "Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts" section of the document and you will find 2 exercises that you can print and fill out that will help you to recognize the thoughts that are not helpful when you feel anxious.

Unfortunately, doctors don't know exactly what causes panic attacks, but they do have some theories. Some researchers theorize that life-changing events or generally stressful periods cause panic attacks. Studies have shown that a significant number of people with panic disorder experienced traumatic childhood events.

Anxiety treatment advice. Learn how to treat anxiety using exercise. And info on treating anxiety via a healthy lifestyle.

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