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The M2-FuseID™ “smart” #multimodal finger reader simultaneously captures the #fingerprint and finger vein patterns of an end user.   #biometrics

The “smart” finger reader simultaneously captures the and finger vein patterns of an end user.

My Utilities|Save Money With Tally

Tally helps you smartly pay your credit cards, potentially saving you hundreds by protecting you from inflated APRs, late fees, and other costs.


3 Easy Steps To Protect Your Credit


Finoit offers noteworthy mobile application development solutions in a range of business verticals. We can also design, development and execute interactive applications for finance and banking domain that could work actively in multiple mobile devices and OS platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Online savings accounts offer some of the best interest rates. We highlight our favorite accounts based on yield, technology and customer service.

BEWARE of these 5 behaviors because they predict poor money management later. http://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/

5 Behaviors That Predict Poor Money Management Later

Personal Finance Manager by Thomas Veit

Personal Finance Manager

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Control Smart Home system via smartphone

Control Smart Home system via smartphone


Here's How to (Sort of) Find Out if You Were Affected by the Equifax Hack


McDonald's posted a photo to Instagram a while back of fries that got a lot of backlash. It wasn't because of the photo. The photo itself is creative. But, it's the accompanying caption that had customers and commenters give some harsh words.   According to the Search Engine Journal, companies can expect to lose $4.3 million in losses for a social media marketing mistake. Read on to learn more! #UWSMC #socialmedia

8 steps to overcome a social media disaster