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wood fired hot tub kit

Oh Yes I want to move to the country-Chofu wood fired hot tub. Totally off the grid and costs a fraction of what an electric tub costs new.

interesting but stupid

only in michigan would this be a viable option rather than buying a damn camper

People think I'm weird when i tell them that I'm going with dad shooting or motorbike riding but i just tell them that its just what i like to do and its fun and they should try it some time in life.

Let the truth be told. These girls are the girls that don't want big diamonds. But we do want guns, a bow and a fishing rod.

after hunting season ended on friday, all the deer gathered for their annual "ha-ha you missed me" festival

After deer hunting season ended-all the deer gathered for their annual ha-ha you missed me deer festival! So true. I see tons every year before deer season starts then they disappear until after deer season is over.