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In 2012 I packed on about 50 pounds, topping the scales at about 245. Since the summer of 2014 I have worked my way down to a steady 220. But would like to get back down to around 150 before I get married. I am going to need support, and love. And challenged. I cant wait to see how much I can change in the next year. Lets get this thing going!

These look amusing yet horrifying at the same time. I can assure you they are tasty though! One of many snacks earlier was dates with a mixture of Biscoff and @theproteinworks brownie peanut butter luxe Food has been a mixture of ups and downs of late I shan't lie. I just know that my priority right now is staying happy and in a good frame of mind for exams. Chilling my beans doesn't come naturally to me but I'm confident I'll manage it eventually. I will also admit to feeling a bit self…

Being uncomfortable in your body is a horrible thing. Not wanting your picture taken not having those memories because you didn't want to see the truth. I knew I was gaining weight and somehow I just blocked it out. You have to decide for yourself that it's time for a change. It's an addiction like any other addiction it has to be on your terms or it's not going to work. I'm so glad I finally decided to go for it and I'm never giving up. #weightgain #addiction #foodaddiction #foodforfuel…

I Didn't quite grow up with Pokemon but it didn't come out at the right time to create one hell of an addiction. That need to collect them all was and still is very strong. They know how to get you too. Gotta Collect 'em all! Are you kidding me? The have nearly 800 Pokemon with more on the way. This is a world that would give Darwin fits and nightmares. Yet somehow I just keep going back like a crack addict. Now it has invaded my phone with Pokemon go. For adults that didn't want to be seen…

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Freebird by Steven Caballero Cognac

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