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Would It Kill You? love every track.

Hellogoodbye - Finding Something To Do [New Song].All i want in life is this album and my VW Van

Frame Art Martha Stewart DIY decorating

Nifty Wall Art Project: made from thrift store picture frames. Basically, you get a bunch of empty frames of different shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color, and hang them.

Vampire Weekend albums vinyl Vampire Weekend $19 Contra $16 Modern Vampires of the City $18

Especially want the self titled album and "Modern Vampires of the City"

Very similar for what I plan to do with an entire wall in my bedroom, with artwork made by my nieces and nephews.

Gallery Walls & Photo Walls

{i decorate} hannah's art wall. from Daffodil Design

Daffodil Design - Calgary Web Design: {i decorate} hannah's art wall.

Use picture frames to make a giant clock on the wall. So creative!

Photo frame clock is available at Dutch By Design. It includes 12 photo frames and the clock mechanism. Could be a great way to show off kids art and craft.

collage wall aspiration

There's plenty of great vintage art to be found at fairs and stores, so why stop at just one painting? As these rooms show, collecting a few vintage art pieces to make a unique, relatively inexpensive gallery wall can make a great impression.

Decorating with Pictures at Feather Nest Photography...colors for kitchen gallery wall

Decorating with Pictures

Decorating with Pictures at Feather Nest Photography.Gallery Wall or simply a way to show your family & home decor. Cute on Staircase or even an Entryway.

How To Create a Photo Gallery Wall: Tips & Tricks You Should Know| Arrange before you hang;  some good arrangements for hanging your pictures

Free Printables for Spring and Some Stationary Too