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lovely pug at baskin robbins

give the pug some ice cream

Lovely pug 'Neptun', from Maldimaglia oln Etsy...

Lovely pug 'Neptun', from Maldimaglia oln Etsy.



Elf pug

Elf pug - love it.

Cute Pug Puppy

Fluffy Pug in Pink



Hachbei again

Hachbei again

Pug Lightyear. Why do we do this to our pugs? Because they are so darn cute and good sports!!

Funny pictures about Pug Lightyear. Oh, and cool pics about Pug Lightyear. Also, Pug Lightyear.

Crop-dusting..so descriptive. Lol

Dressed Pug Print, by Brian Rubenacker Studios

Won't someone think of the pug?

Starbucks, pug, and cake. this picture makes me so happy. If it was Caribou, we'd be golden.