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stoat (Mustela erminea), also known as the ermine or short-tailed weasel, is a species of Mustelidae native to Eurasia and North America,

Fondos de Pantalla de Leopardo en la nieve

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The short-tailed weasel, or stoat, is an adorable little character that always looks like he& always up to no good. The animal goes by the name ermine whe

little thief

Stoat sandwich - Ari Tervo - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007 : Urban Wildlife - Highly commended


Cheetah camo in a tree. It's actually a leopard, which you can see in the shape of the head and the limbs.

Ermine with winter coat. This is my second ermine. This one is eating berries.

Something This Cute Exists And I Didn’t Know It? | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Something This Cute Exists And I Didn’t Know It?

A Michigan man named Chris Cooper caught this wonderful footage of a curious but shy winter white ermine (short-tailed weasel) slowly rising and setting from its clever hiding place deep inside a h.

Curious colour. I tried to find out where this animal comes from, but couldn't find anything

Patterns in nature. Photographer Bill Adams captured some incredible photos of a white zebra named Zoe. She is extremely rare, her unusual color is due to her having amelanosis. She has beautiful gold stripes and blue eyes.

cute insects - Google 検索

cute insects - Google 検索

我が家の可愛いハエトリグモ ※虫蜘蛛注意|ほくのたこやき 猫とインコ

我が家の可愛いハエトリグモ ※虫蜘蛛注意|ほくのたこやき 猫とインコ

This is pretty sad, are those bullet holes? We forget that some of these animals survive, wounded and in pain. Killing is not a sport.

This deer inside Big Bend National Park in west Texas is just one example of why autumn is a great time to visit. Spotting wildlife is easier when the leaves thin, and the animals look stunning against the backdrop of autumn colors.

Here I am

Stock photo of a cougar (mountain lion) standing on a rock on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. (Not unusual to find one in your backyard! Not to us THANK GOD, but it's happened to friends.

Con la elegancia del tigre hace que esta sea una de las fotos más bellas

The Bengal White Tiger - A white tiger. The presence of stripes indicate it is not a true albino. In the wild, Bengal White Tigers are found exclusively within South Asia, notably in India. Although Bengal tigers make up of the world’s wild tiger po

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The animal is called an ermine specifically during the winter when its coat is pure white to match the snow around it. During the spring and summer, its coat turns a reddish brown color and is called a stoat.