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To this day I still wonder if that bitch ever moved out of Ludacris' way. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com

To this day, I still wonder if that bitch ever moved out of Ludacris' way. I actually laughed out loud

I know I know I stood up for myself

My life story. Saying this next time someone doesn't like the fact that I stood up for myself, minus the swear word.

Lauren my daughter.. U make me more than I am. Thankyou for being you!  U little Hick!  lol..

I'm basically a girl with a personality of a dude. ~ well not personality really, more like, mentality. I like nice things but you can keep all the pink glittery stuff.

Short people problems xD

i HATE when short people complain about this. TALL PEOPLE PROBLEM you get happy when you see people taller than you!

Teenager Post

This is so true. The better the book, the shorter it takes to finish. The not so good books take FOREVER to finish!

short people problem... Getting nails done lol

"I made a joke and a woman said I wasn't old enough to make the joke and I told her I was 22 and she said "well I was thinking you where about 10 years younger then that." I had to keep that, it was to funny to delete.

Unexpected Moments Community Blog: Just got off the phone with my mom. She had a nice talk.

This is kip and his dad. But obviously it would be "just got off the phone with pop. He had a nice talk.