Catholic school girls uniform tartan plaid 1970 | If you wer… | Flickr

blazer, white blouse, knee socks, and plaid skirt (rolled up, of course) Looks jst like my school uniform.

1960. Dimanche 30 Octobre. Sen. John F. Kennedy addresses a crowd of about 30,000 at the Levittown (Pa.) Shopping Center. Courier Times photo

Kennedy on a campaign stop at the Levittown Shopping Center on October It was just nine days before the election that made him our President. I was only four years old and don't have a memory of this visit, but my parents remembered it well.

remember when you had school clothes and Sunday clothes?  Then there was Easter.  I remember reading Dick and Jane and wanting a pair of red patten leather shoes just like Jane's Sunday shoes.

We had church clothes and shoes, school clothes and shoes and play clothes and shoes. And new Easter outfits with hats and white shoes!