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T-Rex Treats (animal crackers, of course, T-Rex are carnivores!) I forgot to get close ups of all of the containers/names of treats. We also had Mini Volcanoes (hershey kisses), Baryonyx Bites (gold fish, baryonyx are fish-eating dinos), Triceratops Pops (dum dums), Pterodon Rings (cheerios), Mini Dino Eggs (yogurt covered fruit snacks), Brachiosaurus Bites (fruit snacks, since they are herbivores) and many more. I had way too much fun putting these together!

Like the idea of mason jars to send home with guests... maybe with homemade jam? ("Thanks for making my party sweet"?)

Walk The Dinosaur Guest Dessert Feature

Here's two simple ideas I like - plastic dinosaurs for decorating the cake or the table; individual drink bottles or drink poppers, decorated with a printed label (look on for themed party printables).

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