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wood s lot ::: "the fitful tracing of a portal"

Emotional Photography by Henri Cartier Bresson

Emotional Photography by Henri Cartier Bresson

This is a photo by Henri Carier-Bresson I like this one becaue it has a leading line angle in and I like the way how he took this picture looking up spiral stairs with people popping their heads up,

This image taken by Henri Cartier Bresson captures line from the left hand corner leading the eyes down the stairs to the movement by the person on the bike.

Cartier-Bresson: A master's black-and-white world

Henri Cartier-Bresson Hyères, France, 1932 11 x 14 Silver Gelatin Photograph 16 x 20 Silver Gelatin Photograph

Henri Cartier-Bresson  Istanbul 1965

Look at the depth. I always spot one of the figures last. Henri Cartier-Bresson - He makes your eye move around the picture.The Camondo Stairs from Banks Street, Istanbul, Turkey, 1965

Conheça a vida e obra de Henri Cartier-Bresson, um dos principais fotógrafos da história, pai do fotojornalismo e popularizador do filme 35 mm. - Fotografia Profissional

Grandes Fotógrafos: Henri Cartier-Bresson - Fotografia Profissional

"A photograph is neither taken nor seized by force. It is the photo that takes you. One must not take photos." - Henri Cartier-Bresson, French, photographer (photograph by Rui Palha - homage to Henri Cariter-Bresson)

sealmaiden:    Henri Cartier-Bresson   Tralee, Ireland, 1951  From Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer  (via liquidnight)

sealmaiden: Henri Cartier-Bresson Tralee, Ireland, 1951 From Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer (via liquidnight)

"Shame Gremlins you have to get to us and we are GUARDING her with, 'Not true.'"

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