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Yoda Baby Hat: I know it says "Yoda", but could look like the guy from Lord of the Rings....PRECIOUS! LOL

Yoda Baby Hat by PinkToad on Etsy Star wars geek are you, hmm? Of the Jedi in your baby's future is the force, hmm? Like Yoda anyway babies look. With this hat.

Army dad photo shoot

Soldier Has His Little Baby In his Pocket beautiful picture

She is so cute, from her hair in curlers to the little bling on her finger. Coffee and her pink robe are an added bonus. If I had a daughter this is what she would look like.

582 Just born baby pictures

Newborn baby Photography is one of the most challenging creative careers in the present world. Photography started with the invention of camera and over the years, it has emerged with many evolutio…

OMG!  Wish I would have seen this before we did Aubrey's newborn pics.

Let's stick a baby in a bowl of gum balls and take a picture.

I Heart Pears: 15 Awesome Gender Reveals

15 Awesome Gender Reveals some really unique ones too! Definitely having a gender reveal party when I get pregnant :)

I've done this a couple times with Levi! He just sleeps so hard and doesn't fuss... And it's SO funny!! -A

Funny faces are, well funny. Babies are even funnier. Babies making funny faces? My goodness.

Cutest leprechaun ever!!

happy st pattys day What do ya think alex? Will she be here before St paddys day?

Bitty Bow with Rhinestone Headband - MANY colors - Pink/Coral/Black/Ivory - Baby…

Eustaquio Torres I found this on the "popular" tab! Your work is famous!) Bitty Bow with Rhinestone Headband - MANY colors - Pink/Coral/Black/Ivory - Baby girl / Newborn headband - Photography Prop

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117 baby boys die every single year in the US alone as a result of blood loss due to their circumcision, a surgery that is riskier than advertised by doctors and completely unnecessary.