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40 Awesome Life Tip Quotes

Social media is just that. So if you want social outcry, social backlash and social opinions about your all means. But don't complain when you get what you ask for.

Stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything about you. via (

I think that's the only reason some people added me, like the ones from high school that never really talked to me.

.....but I am still your Facebook friend." It's an interesting dynamic in this age of Facebook. People who are no longer your friends in real life, and have no problem ever speaking to you, still choose to be Facebook "friends," and even continue to "like" or comment. There has to be a college course or research out there to determine why. It's almost as if "unfriending" on Facebook is worse than no longer being a real friend.

Happy Birthday pink balloons

Thank you to all of my FaceBook Friends that participated in my ONLINE PARTY. Tracey Walsh, Independent Princess House Consultant