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Italian Easter Bread

**No recipe attached. A reminder to get the recipe from Nani! Italian Easter Bread Recipe ~ Previous pinner wrote, "The bread bakes up insanely soft, and is on the sweeter side.


Tsoureki-Greek Easter bread-my yiayia made this year round & toasted it for me EVERY morning I was in her home.

How to Make Slovak Easter Paska Bread Peeps: Bake Slovak Easter Paska Peeps Until Golden Brown

How to Make Slovak Easter Paska Bread Peeps

Kulich (кулич) is a tall, cylindrical sweet bread that is served for Easter in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is traditionally paired with paskha, a sort of cheesecake. The two confections are taken to church on Easter Sunday to be blessed by the local priest.

Kulich Recipe (Eastern Orthodox sweet Easter bread) Note: if baking in cans, bake for minutes. Icing: 1 cup powdered sugar to 1 tbsp milk (want thick consistency so it doesn't spread too quickly). Top with sprinkles right away.

Classic Ukrainian Paska Easter Bread Videos | Tv How to's and ideas | Martha Stewart

Classic Ukrainian Paska Easter Bread

Classic Ukrainian Paska Easter Bread (She shows how to decorate the top with a braid and cross with flower center, inspiration for Artos)

Easter Marshmallow Bark

Easter Marshmallow Bark **recipe but hard for link!** white chocolate tbsp shortening Melt in Microwave 1 min. add 3 c mini rainbow marshmallows and stir to coat .prepared pan , Freezer 20 min and let sit before cut