The 1965 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak was a turning point for the National Weather Service. A massive double-funnel tornado near Dunlap, Indiana, between Goshen and Elkhart, tore up everything in its path. Photo courtesy of Paul Huffman of the Elkhart Truth.

Double Tornado 4-11-65 - Palm Sunday - Elkhart, IN ( Actually Dunlap/ MIdway ) Was a terrible natural tragedy. That missed Elkhart. Tragic but would have been less tragic than the un-natural disaster the 70's and 80's reeked on Elkhart.

Northern Illinois Wedge Tornado! (natural+disasters thunderstorm tornado clouds rain hail Spring sky vehicles ). Photo by StormyPleasures, 4/'15.

ELKHART COUNTY, Indiana, April 11, 1965, four F4 tornadoes (3 arguably F5s). The Palm Sunday 1965 tornado outbreak remains one of the most violent. 47 twisters--including 17 F4s--hit the Midwest (271 fatalities), but Indiana (138 deaths) and this county really bore the brunt. The F4 "double-tornado," photographed famously by Paul Huffman, swept away a trailer park near Dunlap. The outbreak led to improved warning methods and a better understanding of suction vortices in tornadoes…

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