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Havneby, Rømø, Denmark - by Cris Figueired♥

Basket maker L.Klütz., Tønder, Denmark Ca.1895

Basket maker L.

always looking for the next door to open.   Roros, Norway.
Aslak Tronrud Photography.

Old Red Door in Roeros, Norway - Photo by Aslak Tronrud "Stairs Porch look good with the wood! "The red has faded on the door which brings it all together "Weathered Look"

Strong light but not overwhelming works as the colours are strong, so we have balance.... Thassos, Greece

This door was taken from Thassos, Greece. Playing with colors brings life to one's door.

why o whyyyy can't an arts & crafts home in my 'hood go up for sale? then i could ttly add this door!!!

unusual window configuration windows OR are these really MIRRORS? great idea to do with plain door if cannot afford new one and want to jazz it up!