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Rinspeed XchangE : an insane concept car with a 32in 4K screen. And a coffee machine

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A wise selection of reasonable,practical and comfortable vehicle series.To meet different lifestyles of modern people,the vehicle series is designed with multi-purposes.

motivationsforlife: “Falcon 5X // MFL ”

Would love to own my private plane someday, i would travel all over the world! For more inspirations click/press on the image.

シボレー、SF感あふれるコンセプトEV「FNR」発表。半透明カプセルボディ、自動運転で対面座席化 - Engadget 日本版

シボレー、SF感あふれるコンセプトEV「FNR」発表。半透明カプセル型ボディ、自動運転で対面座席化 - Engadget Japanese

Introduced at the Shanghai auto show this week, Chevy's FNR concept basically defies all description. The closest thing I can come up with is that it looks like you took a next-gen Volt, mixed it.