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Dear Young Farmer - a letter from someone who has been there before. www.pinktractor.com

Dear Young Farmer - a letter from someone who has been there before ::: ASU-BEEBE ::: www.

Suck it up, Buttercups.  That's why we have so many people that don't understand being responsible, accountable, etc.

Farm families take care of their animals 365 days a year. No snow days. No paid holidays. Thank a Farmer Today!


Dedicated farmers throughout the country and the great state of Wisconsin. to leave the land better than they found it! Would be cool for a quote on a T-shirt

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WHY DO FARMERS FARM? We do it for the love of agriculture. Thankful to be a part of such an amazing industry. Harvest is just around the corner. Reminder of why we do what we love.

My life. My heart. My passion. My soul.  The cattle industry has sucked me in and has held me here since. We don't stress on the hardship we go though, because we know well always find a solution to our problems, but we do because we love it, no matter what, till the end. I'm so blessed for my family that has made this possible for me, thank you mama, daddy, big sister and big brother

Husband, father to his children, provider, teacher to his sons on what it takes to be a farmer.

The age of farmers is advancing rapidly and with the barriers to enter into the business of farming, there are fewer 'young' farmers.

of farmers are under The agriculture industry grows as does the age of your average farmer. One more reason to love the young farmers in my life.