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I'm currently reading this little treasure by Persia Woolley. It's a different take on the Arthurian Legend, from when Guini and Arthur first meet to when they forge and empire and romance that has transcended the ages. So far, so great : )

"Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance" by Roger Sherman Loomis. According to Loomis, whose research into the background of the Arthurian legend reveals findings which are both illuminating and highly controversial, King Arthur was not an Englishman, but a Celtic warrior. The author sees the vegetarian goddess as the prototype of many damsels in Arthurian romance, and Arthur's knights as the gods of sun and storm. If Loomis's arguments are accepted, where does this leave the historic Arthur?

I have enjoy Arthurian legends for many years. Magic and mystery, romance and conflict all are apart of this wonderful tale.

Scan of a frontispiece from book of Arthurian romance, the removed caption was "But the child spake no words, but looked up at the glancing sword blades and laughed blithely." 1907

"I don't know if life is greater than death, but love was more than either." ... I love this movie!

Since the days of King Arthur, there have been poems and paintings done in her name. She is the Lady of Shalott, and now there is a new story about her, from an exciting new talent. The year is 490 AD. Fiery 16-year-old Elaine of Ascolat, the daughter of one of King Arthur's supporters, lives with her father on Arthur's base camp, the sole girl in a militaristic world of men. Elaine's only girl companion is the mysterious Morgan, Arthur's older sister, but Elaine cannot tell Morgan her…