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Brother took his new puppy to the beach; aww ensues

Brother took his new puppy to the beach; aww ensues

Aww, golden puppy at the beach. I wish my baby buddy boo could come to the beach with me. We could take cute beach pics lol

Shiba Inu....Tyler LOVED watching the movie Hachi & named a stuffed animal after him.

) love this Japanese dogs. Have you seen the movie "Hachi". It is about a Shiba Inu and based on a true story.

I love this dog ! Klee Kai   Alasken

Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Siberian husky)<<<<<ok no. A Klee Kai is NOT a minature Siberian Husky. They look similar but are not the same.

SO Adorable!!

Growing up.

Husky puppies are so cute! Huskies growing up with Spaniel -- TOO CUTE siberian husky

Wait a minute!  Im  not a chicken. This isnt how it works.

Cute puppy sitting on his sibling. Adorable little animals, cute puppy pictures full of cuteness.

...got hit by a nap attack!   : )

Puppy shiba inu sleeping :) while this makes me sad (why is he sleeping like that?) but despite that, it is freaking cute!