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The Cake Is a Lie

The Cake Is a Lie

This is the most awesome birthday cake I have ever seen ever and that includes the dragon cake.

One cake to rule them all

Portal Cakes — A video game inspired desert. Squires Squires Boyschou, I'm glad we didn't try this one.

How to make a Portal cake. But the cake is a lie...

How to Make a Portal Cake

The Portal Cake. I want to make this for the theme alone, not to mention the recipe sounds yummy too but I love the first (and second) Portal games, and would love to surprise friends with this :)


Portal Valentine's cake is no lie

As a mega-Geek and Portal Fangirl, as well as a connoisseur of all things edible-Art, I can't help but absolutely love these little guys. I hope to make them one day.

Om nom nom on a little Companion Cube. Mini Companion Cube Cakes by Cloudy Cakes (via Cake Wrecks)

A recipe for the Portal cake ("The cake is a lie!") from the Geeky Chef.

The Geeky Chef: Portal Cake I'd say the cake is a lie, but look!