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Cyrillic Calligraphy on Behance

Bulgarian Illustrated Alphabet Letters for Kids, Cyrillic Script, Let Kids Learn Bulgarian the Fun and Easy Way Cyrillic Calligraphy on Behance

Atelier Populaire of Mai 1968

Atelier Populaire: La Police a l´ORTF c´est la police chez vous!

In 1968 young French revolutionaries took to the streets to promote a new society, one not based on capitalism or consumerism but on an alliance between students and workers. This poster, printed on 18 May 1968, at the beginning of the occupation of the École des Beaux-Arts, depicts a policeman wielding a baton and carrying a riot shield bearing the letters 'SS'. Made by the Atelier Populaire.


Poster by the Atelier Populaire entitled 'SS', depicting a riot policeman with baton.