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Shoe Cafe' @The Promenade ร้านรองเท้าที่นำสมัย โมเดลเพื่อสนองความต้องการของคนรุ่นใหม่ที่มีไลฟ์สไตล์ไม่เหมือนใคร เป็นร้านรองเท้าที่เต็มไปด้วยแบรนด์ชั้นนำจากทั่วโลก ...ทุกแบรนด์เลือกสรรเฉพาะรุ่นสุดฮิตที่จะให้คุณนำสมัยก่อนใคร

The Spirit of Paris. Frankfort Sommerville. London: Adam and Charles Black, 1913. “Somerville’s concern is not with the monuments, but with the life of Paris, and he has caught and is able to convey something of the lightness and verve that give a zest to existence there. His talk is of Parisian men and women, of the cafe, the theatre, the first nights, the midinettes, the fashionable dressmakers, the artists and their models.”

Paris Best Cafe, The Angelina Tea Room, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, French Cafe life is unforgettable, my favorite spot for a dessert in Paris, France! My favorite desert of all time is created at Angelina its the famous Mont Blanc Near the Louvre and Tuileries in the fashion district of Paris, where Madame Chanel (Coco Chanel) came up with some of her best designs!

JOE'S CAFE The Joseph empire started in 1972 by the inimitable Joseph Ettedgui. Renowned for his eccentric personality, Joseph opened Joe's café soon after as an extension of his creative concept: a place where a vibrant and eclectic crowd of the fashion industry's most interesting icons gathered to share ideas and inspiration outside of the constraints of an office. Today it remains a venue for stylish locals to catch up with friends over delicious food at a decent price.

Sept Cinq: SOPI’s Concept Store & Cafe For the Fashion-Minded Locavore - The HiP Paris Blog

Yerevan Street Life (Armenia). Street life in Yerevan is slow-paced, often involving long hours spent lingering in the city’s numerous outdoor cafes. The cafe scene gets going in late afternoon & builds to a crescendo by evening, ending some time before dawn ... This sounds like something I could get used to, how about you?

200 W. 39th at 7th Housed in an iconic Art Deco building in the heart of the Fashion District, this location offers customers an inviting place to meet a client for coffee, pick up our signature pastries to take back to the office or to relax over a cup of tea. Located just off the avenue, the cafe serves as a respite from the surrounding busy streets.

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