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The new year is upon us, which means new home décor trends are coming! Check out our blog post for some insight on the new trends for 2017.

We pride ourselves on making our homes reflect our personal style and taste. We hand pick the perfect furniture and paint for the walls but one thing that seems to be out of our control is the look…

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23 Stunning Interior Design Websites You Need To Check Out

23 Stunning Interior Design Websites You Need To Check Out

Today’s homeowner is always looking for ways to increase their home value through interior decorating. A lot of people are not good at interior decorating.

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Основные ошибки при планировании ремонта #FAQinDecor #design #decor #architecture #interior #art #дизайн #декор #архитектура #интерьер

Kitchen utensils, decor and kitchenware in the modern kitchen interior close-up

Kitchen Countertops are horizontal flat surfaces, used for food preparations installed on or supported by lower cabinets in a kitchen.

So excited to announce a way for 5 of you guys to win free signed copies of my book! And since I'm sure you've all already pre-ordered yours to redeem your gift, winning an additional copy will be ...

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No matter which part of your house you’re renovating, we know how tough it can be to get through the holidays while your home is a glorified construction zone. The stress of holiday planning coupled with the stress of a home renovation certainly doesn’t help, and if you’re hosting the festivities, you may find yourself ready to call it a day and skip the season altogether.

How to Survive the Holidays during a Renovation - Camdur Building Group, Inc.