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Aaron O'Connell.

Aaron O'Connell - Lucky Brand 2010 - I have this shirt. :) Found it in the back of the store and had to have it, not to mention I wanted it cause Aaron was sporting it in the 2010 Luckybrand summer adds.

(3/17) The Divergent Guide! The HOT guys of Divergent  Miles Teller (Peter)- he's not as evil as I pictured, but natural cocky-ness works well Ansel Elgort (Caleb) I can't Hate Caleb, so I really love Ansel in this role, he's  excellent Theo.. Need I say more aside from PERFECTION in film & in person (saw/met)  Christian Madsen (Al)... Tears & more Tears. He's so good as Al it hurts :'(  Jai Courtney (Eric)- epicness  Ben Lloyd Hughes (Will)- so sweet & funny. Tears were shed here also.

The Guys Of Divergent Theo James (four/Tobias Eaton) Miles Teller (Peter) Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior) Jai Courtney (Eric) Ben Llyod Hughes (Will) Christian Madsen (Al/Albert) ♡♡♡♡♡

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy - god he cleans up good!

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy - god he cleans up good! I actually ONLY like him with short hair and cleaned up (or no) facial hair. The long hair and scruffy look doesn't work for him.

Kellan Lutz: my twilight sweetheart

Kellan Lutz, handsome, sweet and kind with his time spent on charities. Oh yeah and killer bod!

Caleb Followill makes my brain go "!@)#*defr39$#%9$^&%TNDE@%)$%*"

"Don't forget to love before you're gone". The Immortals, Kings Of Leon.

Josh Hartnett.

Josh Hartnett, my secret vice. I will watch anything with him in it. From his monotonous froggy baritone to his often wooden acting and bad haircuts, nothing can put me off this man. I am ashamed.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker is a hotty, hot, hot one also. :) Paul Walker is one of the guys that aging has just made him more handsome!

i think they call you mcsteamy??

Shirtless pictures of Grey\'s Anatomy\'s Eric Dane aka McSteamy in probably one of the most capped scene in the show history.

Tyler Blackburn ~ PLL hunk

Remember when we first met Caleb? He's to cute with his beanie😻😻😻❤️