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2 feet of snow :)

In other news today, 2 feet of snow fell this morning.why is this so funny right now?

Either luckiest car owner or unluckiest car owner...looks like that car could have used a crunchin and replacin.  lol

When luck is on your side…

This explains so much...♊️

Funny pictures about The Reason Women Live Longer Than Men. Oh, and cool pics about The Reason Women Live Longer Than Men. Also, The Reason Women Live Longer Than Men photos.

Seriously cannot stop laughing. He said jay z not no dr. and beyonce aint no preacher wife lol

NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People - Too funny!

That's real talent

Some people can cook. Some people can draw. Some people are amazing athletes. I can balance the light switch between off and on.

I. I can't even. If laughing adds years to your life then I am now immortal. Never laughed so hard in my entire life.

Smiguel, Precious in mexican hat, with mustache, from Lord of The Rings Movie, hahahah DYING

Someone didn't Listen

PLZ STOP: This guy has a license plate with "PLZSTOP" written on it. Apparently, the guy behind him didn't stop and rammed into this car.


Next time you are in a hotel, leave your sheets like this when you check out by nick. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

Bropunzel! No...stop...I can't even...LMFAO!

love hair funny tangled disney happy Rapunzel Magic laugh smile no bro beard Eugene shave november

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Quality Time With My Dog

"My wife told me to play with our puppy more, so I sent her this". Playing scrabble haha if my future husband did this I would marry him again

My son would be SO disappointed!  Cool winter bus

Funny pictures about School bus ruining a perfect snow day. Oh, and cool pics about School bus ruining a perfect snow day. Also, School bus ruining a perfect snow day.