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2015-08-05 BINGO Night in Bayside, photographed by Jen Lannan. “The Northport Junior Yacht Club hosted a full house for its annual BINGO Night on Monday. Junior Yacht Club President, Ben Webster, was the caller, and cash prizes, corner store gift certificates, and the coveted bucket o' cheese balls were taken home by lucky winners!” Thank you to Jen Lannan and Karen Trasatti for coordinating this event.

2014-06-24 NYC Flag Raising, photographed Saturday by David Leaming during the Work Party. “Art and Sandy Hall prepare to hoist the new Northport Yacht Club 75th anniversary flag in front of the clubhouse as members and officers watch during a work party on Saturday, June 21. Watching, from left to right, are John Lojek, John Lightner, Steve Fein, Jon Linn, Gordon Fuller and Jim Facey. Plenty of fun events are scheduled this summer for the anniversary.

2013-02-18 Morning Flight, featuring a bald eagle ready to take flight over Penobscot Bay on Presidents' Day, submitted by Daveen Speer.

2014-12-18 Ho Ho Ho, photographed at the Northport Yacht Club by our elf, David Leaming.

2015-09-28 Houseboat Sails Past Bayside, photographed Saturday by Jon Linn. “This house came sailing past Bayside on its way from Dark Harbor Boat Yard to Belfast. It was the summer home of Willis Rossiter, the head carpenter at the Boat Yard for several years, until he passed away about 30 years ago. It is headed in for a rehab.”

2015-07-22 Cottage Tour Thanks, photographed by event committeeperson Lisa Webster and showing visitors enjoy Jackie and Jim Facey’s home and garden while Jackie’s sisters, Judy Metcalf and Patti Wright, keep watch. “The streets of Bayside were filled Sunday with Baysiders and visitors from away, clutching their maps, in search of the beautiful gardens and charming homes included on the (practically sold-out) tour.

2012-06-04 Commodores Galore, photographed at the NYC Kick-Off Celebration and submitted by Jim Kelly. “All past Commodores of the Northport Yacht Club present, including (left to right) Gordon Fuller, Gail Witherill, Billy Haverty, Jim Kelly. Jo Huntoon, Rob Frank, Dave Witherill, Jon Linn, Art Hall, Jim Facey, Ned Lightner, Bob Witherill, and Steve Trenholm”

2015-10-26 Taking Summer Home, photographed by Paul Andrews. “Who says you can't take some summer home when you leave Bayside?!”

2013-07-23 Cheese Champ, videoed by Andrew Emery and available to view at Ann Scholhamer writes, “Bayside is the proud home this week to the Men’s 18-24 New World Cheese Rolling Champion, Billy Horwitz, of Chicago, grandson of George and Nancy Scholhamer of Braking Wind.” The contest took place Sunday afternoon on the Belfast waterfront.

2013-08-01 Warren Island Overnight, featuring the Northport Junior Yacht Club campers (and chaperones) who camped overnight on Warren Island last week. Photograph by Bart Simpson. Thanks to chaperones Patti Lojek, Jane Williams, Johanna Knott, and Heather Sobota.