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Reciprocal Teaching an Alternative to Close Reading for Teachers

One day after school while I was sitting at a table in a classroom one of the teachers brought her test to me and asked me if her it could be done in Edusoft. I looked at the test and then we began to discuss all of the different components that were on the test. I asked her why she had so many mat

Resources that will encourage and promote critical thinking for students. In line with Australian Curriculum: History skills developed in line with (ACHHS083) Pose a range of questions about the past (ACHHS084) Locate relevant information from sources provided (ACHHS086) Develop texts, particularly narratives (ACHHS087) Use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written) and digital technologies

This is a PDF version of my Reciprocal Teaching Wheels originally posted for NoteBook software. These wheels can be used as a tool to enhance your...