One day after school while I was sitting at a table in a classroom one of the teachers brought her test to me and asked me if her it could be done in Edusoft. I looked at the test and then we began to discuss all of the different components that were on the test.  I asked her why she had so many mat

Reciprocal Teaching an Alternative to Close Reading for Teachers

This blog has a rubric for RT

TRRCouncil: LIKE them on FB Today I'll be speaking to the Tar River Reading Council, Greenville's local chapter of the IRA.

Reciprocal Teaching for the Primary Grades: "We Can Do It, Too!" | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets

Reading Strategies can apply to Art when teaching students to read a famous artwork, another student's or their own.

Summarization 6 Reciprocal Teaching Pt 2...the second half of student led conference

Summarization 6 Reciprocal Teaching Pt second half of student led conference

Reciprocal teaching introduce concept to students

Entire Unit from Hello Literacy Reciprocal teaching introduce concept to students

Reciprocal Teaching Strategy ~ Reading Skill - Predicting, Clarifying, Questioning, Summarizing

Love these reciprocal reading cards. I will be using these in my guided reading sessions! Sounds great to develop independence!

Activating prior knowledge and pre-teaching technique - great, free find from Mrs. Santillana at TPT

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Reciprocal Teaching Based on Vygotsky's theories

Reciprocal Teaching:Teaching Students to Take the LeadNorth Carolina Reading ConferenceMarch JonesDawn ReynoldsLake Myra Elementary, WCPSS

Interactive Think-Aloud Lessons: 25 Surefire Ways to Engage Students and Improve Comprehension

Interactive Reading with Reciprocal Teaching