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griffstream: “Just spreading good cheer ” I have done this….l.o.l

How to Not Completely Suck – At Being a Waitress

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Are you nice? Mean people do upset me, though. Mostly people who take advantage of others and are inhumane. Inconsiderate and stuck up people (people who believe that they are superior to others) can be pretty annoying too.

Nerdy Jokes for Book Nerds

Edgar Allan Poe....funny, I JUST read The Raven about an hour ago, then I see this!!! "Nevermore"!!!!!

I want this mug soooo bad - but I don't think work would let me use it (at the front desk, at least).

OHHHH someecards... you almost make me wanna open up a new Facebook account just so I could be all pissy-aggressive (pissy + passive aggressive) & post this kinda stuff all over my wall. ALMOST.

Daily Funny Pictures

"True! A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse." I agree!