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today was hard. hard to keep through a complete workout. i won't give in, i can't, i have come this far...it's hard to push through something you don't want to do...today i pushed through, and i do feel better :o) so don't give up, push through a workout even if you don't feel like doing it, you will be happy you did and you will feel better.

The big 2-0-0. This morning the app that my amazing trainer @lochihorner_lho uses to train me daily with told me I had just completed my 200th training session. It was just past 6am when we finished the session and I can ASSURE you when our alarm went off at 5am this cold A.M I considered sleeping in this morning (for 1 second before I again reminded myself I am not going for average I'm going for extraordinary). Finishing my 200th session with him overseeing my results writing my programs…

I recently got a tattoo over my scars and the ribbon is for self injury awareness. The quote reminds me that there are no shortcuts to getting better and that the only way to recover is to push through all of the bad times. I’m really happy with it and it’s keeping me from self harming.

This picture is important to me because it reminds to always keeping grinding through the hard times that life sometimes presents. When I read this quote it makes me remember that its ok to have fear in life, but if you push through those fears or conquer them it makes you that much stronger as a person. This effects society because it tells us to push through hard times and tells us to be the best person we can be.

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