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I found the original color photo of Charlize Theron and it looks almost identical expect this image looks more illustrated, which it's supposed to be. Her skin and hair are blended together very well. Her skin is very smooth looking. This is image has a soft and elegant feel to it. The earring has good shadows and highlights and it looks like it's begin reflected. The plain white background makes her pop.

Dare to let that holy flame within you grow hot and dangerous, and you will be able to look the world straight in the eyes and say: "Oh yes, I have seen into the depths of beauty and I will not settle for anything less than the real deal". ~ Chameli Ardagh

온라인총판 파트너 사장님을 모십니다 luxury9191 스카이프문의 믿음으로 보여드리겠습니다

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