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smart watch GSM cellular phone with activity monitor

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Silicone USB Watch flash drive LED display #marketing & #promotionalGifts

die Huawei Watch hat einen Lautsprecher verbaut #huaweiwatch #huawei #smartwatch #smartwatches #androidwear #androidwatch #wearables #wearable

LG's new Watch Urbane is Android Wear's first LTE-equipped smartwatch

The Sony Wena Wrist looks like a classic watch but it packs the capabilities of a smart watch

Ocho welojes: The 8 latest smart watches on the market -

Report: Montblanc 'e-Strap' can turn any watch into a smartwatch

The Montblanc e-Strap turns your existing non-smart watch into one that can receive notifications and messages. The band will vibrate every time an alert comes in.

Kairos Watches T-band Turns Your Watch into Smart Watch

These Are Amazon & Best Buys Most Popular Smartwatches

Selon nos confrères d’Apple Insider, Apple pourrait adopter un écran micro-LED pour sa prochaine smartwatch. Le constructeur, qui a récemment racheté la firme à l’origine de cette technologie, pourrait prendre un avantage décisif sur la concurrence.

Smart insole measures your steps and keeps your toes warm

The Digitsole Warm Series insoles tracks your activity and heats up too to keep you warm