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The UK and Ireland, as seen from the ISS by europeanspaceagency, via Flickr

UK and Northern Lights from Space - Britain at night with Aurora Borealis shimmering in green, further north. Image taken by astronaut André Kuipers, 240 miles above the Earth.

Messier 78 and Horsehead Nebula with FSQ-106ED and Reducer QE 0.73x December 2011 Light Version

Messier 78 and Horsehead Nebula with and Reducer QE December 2011 Light Version (Could this be my original home?

International Space Station. I know this dream will probably be one that won't come true, but i'd. Like to dream about it still.

ISS - passing across the terminator into sunset. Something about the ISS inspires me. I get up in the night to watch it fly across the sky.

Sideways Orion Over Snowy Ireland  Credit & Copyright: Brendan Alexander (Donegal Skies)

snowy night~Ireland Orion, my favorite constellation is in the background! I LOVE this picture

Fantastic night photo of Ireland and Britain from space.. (photo taken from 230 miles above - NASA)

May: The UK and Ireland at night, from space. Photos taken by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli whist orbiting in the International Space Station 230 miles away in space

The 'Hand of God' Nebula

The ‘Hand of God’ Nebula. Was so ready for this to be a crock of shit or over photoshopped - but NASA website confirms! This is a real Nebula formation - truly the hand of God!

Perseus Meteor Shower 2012

Perseus Meteor Shower 2012

Scale of the Planets - Space Facts - Earth is Pretty Small!

Scale of the Planets - Space Facts - Earth is Pretty Small!

navy blue & brown

Messier The nebula Messier 78 (also known as M 78 or NGC is a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion.

Giant Arc of Light --A Mystery Observed Behind a Super-Massive Galaxy 10 Billion Light Years Away June 27, 2012 Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have found a puzzling arc of light behind an extremely massive cluster of galaxies residing 10 billion light-years away.

The Farthest Object in the Universe

Beware of the Blob- Two-sided outflow powered by the supermassive black hole buried inside shown in bright yellow. Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss space-is-a-beautiful-place

The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared One of the largest galaxies in the nearby Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. The dark band of dust that obscures the mid-section of the Sombrero Galaxy in optical light actually glows brightly in infrared light. The above image, digitally sharpened, shows the infrared glow, recently recorded by the orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope

Sombrero Galaxy is one of the largest in nearby Virgo cluster of galaxies. A dark band of dust obscures the mid-section in optical light but glows brightly in infra-red light; as recorded by the orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope.

Southern lights from space

A picture from the International Space Station, provided Saturday by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, shows southern lights between Antarctica and Australia. Photo by Reuters / Andre Kuiper / ESA / Nasa / Press Release


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Earth's satellites. It just makes me wonder why we need so many of them.

Funny pictures about Every single satellite orbiting right now. Oh, and cool pics about Every single satellite orbiting right now. Also, Every single satellite orbiting right now.