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👆Perfectly describes all 3 of my baby girls ~ As Southern As Possible! lol also made me think about how you girls always say g-ma Linda is saying asp instead of ASAP lol gotta love it ❤️😘

Yep! Used daily!

Funny pictures about Quick guide to southern grammar. Oh, and cool pics about Quick guide to southern grammar. Also, Quick guide to southern grammar photos.

#Southern Style & Hospitality (Corona): southern belle secrets

Southern Belle Secrets If anyone tells you a southern girl shouldn't drink, tell them we don't drink, we sip.a lot.

Funny, I keep on pinning all these monogrammed things but I wasn't aware its a Southern thing

'Down South' Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Loving this 'Down South' Gallery-Wrapped Canvas on down south, we love like crazy use our manners say grace sweeten our tea listen to mama live simply count our blessings

True only it was other country songs that taught me how to treat a woman

The reason girls want a country boy is because they are the only ones whose mamas taught them how to treat a lady.every other boy just date girls because they want the love but country boys were raised to treat a lady right

North vs. South

Funny pictures about Southern Fairy Tales. Oh, and cool pics about Southern Fairy Tales. Also, Southern Fairy Tales.

pinterest southern sayings | southern quotes and sayings / Let's go..

Not a fan of the keep calm things, but y'all. A back road can cure a lotta things!

Good Scissors Tea-towel for @Lean Ni Chuilleanain

save the sewing scissors for sewing. The hair-cutting scissors for hair. But do have some good, sturdy kitchen shears. Took me years to figure out how handy scissors are in the kitchen.

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this is me and my swing :) Southern Belles Me and my best friends go out on my front porch during the summer and sit and talk on our swing about anything and everything. It is what makes us southern belles

This Leaves Obama and His Cronies Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Country Men Can Survive Just Come To Our Swamp and Find Out~~~~~~~~

"Never trust a guy that don't like to fish. ain't ever go mud on the tires.' can't shoot a gun or won't shake your Daddy's hand.

lol Kenny makes fun of me for saying this!

This is what a Southern woman might say when gets frustrated. Because our mothers taught us that ladies do not curse, we say, "Dadgummit", instead. And my Grandpa Browning did not cuss so he said this!