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Increased ease of and access to body conditioning. Maybe indicative of increased self adoration or a release of the social and economic constraints on the physical limits of health

2015 Honey Show on the Isle of Man - raw honey, beeswax, crafts, and bee-friendly flowers. Here- different colours of honey

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This reminds me of a day lily grower we went to in Florida last year while visiting my brother. This man sold nothing but day lilies and they were every color you could imagine just about, from small to quite large, from common everyday to the ones with ruffled petals, as far as your eye could see, beautiful!

Vietnam | Headgear of the Ha Nhi people. Also called U Ni and Xa U Ni, the Ha Nhi have about 12,500 inhabitants settling in the provinces of Lai Chau arc Lao Cai. Ha Nhi language belongs to the Tibet-Burman Group. Women dress varies depending on the regions. The women of Lai Chau have a decorated dress in raw colours, different from the dress of Lao Cai women which is in indigo colour only. | © Walter Callens.

@Regrann from @heartofartgallery - "The Iris belongs to a family of plants that is justly popular in this country for its many varieties of handsome garden blooms beautifying the borders in spring and early summer. The plant is named after the rainbow goddess 'Iris' from the beauty and variety of colours in the flowers of the genus. From ancient times the stately Iris stood as a symbol of power and majesty - it was dedicated to Juno and was the origin of thesceptre the Egyptians placing it…

I love wild violets. My father used to eradicate them when they popped up in the yard. He thought they were weeds. I thought they were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Perspective.

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